Should We Get Carpets Washed To Get Prevention from the Novel COVID-19?

The burning question: will the carpet cleaning can prevent us from catching the novel coronavirus? The  shortest answer to this is “possibly cannot.” Though, it never hurts to get the carpet steam cleaned, getting hold of the local guys (i.e., Putney or Hamstead carpet cleaning industry) and demanding them to give the carpets a good going-over as a preventative measure would not do much protect us.

Having said that, if our workplace or our home has become exposed to the virus, you could like to consider a thorough cleaning of the carpets. A few organizations have recommended that for places like schools where you get kids sitting on mats and touching their faces and the floors too much, disinfecting and steam cleaning the carpets may among one of the decontamination measures taken.

The temperature needed to kill viruses outside the human body is almost 60°C. During steam cleaning of the carpets, the temperatures get a much hotter than that – minimum 66°C and often well above boiling point – that is how you get steam. These high temperatures are those that make steam cleaning unfit for delicate carpet stuff and others that do not play well with heat. In other words, giving the carpets a well steam cleaning will kill any active virus spores staying in them.

Steam cleaning is an adequate technique for killing viruses and bacteria that could be lying on a carpet. Other techniques, such as bonnet buffing and dry carpet cleaning, don’t quite do the same job. However, dry carpet cleaning will use to remove all the moisture contents and will possibly act towards drying out harmful pathogens and (for bacteria) eliminating their food source as a speck of dirt. It is the high temperatures involved in steam cleaning that deals with bacteria and viruses (and dust mites and fleas and…). What’s more, if necessary, a bit of disinfectant could be added to the water used to produce the steam to get serious, although this isn’t something we do regularly.

You probably don’t want to call in a professional cleaner every day to steam clean your carpets just in case. However, if you’re going to disinfect a carpet, you can do a few things yourself. However, there are some things you should not bear in mind:

Don’t spray your carpet with neat chlorine bleach (if you can get it), as this will strip out the color, and the damage can’t be repaired. Soaking the carpet with anything is a bad idea, even if that something is white vinegar or alcohol. It will kill the germs, but it will make the carpet wet – and the smell will drive you mental.

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